My name is Alexei Baboulevitch. I'm 24 years old and, well, you know what I hate doing? Writing biographies. So please stand by while this page is populated at some point in the near to distant future. If you have any kind words, you can get in touch with me at: archagon ampersat* gmail dot com.

Sorry for the scowl. I need to find a better photo.

Sorry for the scowl. I need to find a better photo.

Things I'm doing right now: 

  • planning a trip across the US
  • working on a few iOS apps
  • trying to figure out the nuances of establishing an LLC
  • making this page less ugly

* I just found out that the word "ampersand" is technically a corrupted form of "& per se and" , if Wikipedia is to be trusted. The whole etymology section is really interesting. This means that the word "ampersat", which I just found out is another name for @, is logically dubious, since it would "uncorrupt" to "& per se at"**. But really, you can't stop things like this from happening. It's evolution, baby!

 ** I suppose this means that the "correct" corrupted version of @ would be atpersat, or maybe adpersat if you go by the spirit of the original word.